Bone-A-Mint Gravity Boxes

Bone-A-Mints Chicken or Peanut Flavor Green Treats

With peppermint, parsley, fennel, dill and cholorphyll, no other treat has more breath freshening power than the Bone-A-Mints. Sodium tripolyphosphate has been added to effectively remove tartar buildup. Each bone is individually wrapped.

Benefits of Bone-A-Mints:
  • 5 Natural Breath Fresheners
  • Removes Tartar & Plaque
  • Sugar Free
  • Low Fat
  • Aids Digestion
  • Alleviates Gas
  • Soothes Stomach
  • Non-staining


Medium 48 bones (for dogs 20 - 39lbs)
Large 36 bones (for dogs 40 - 100lbs)
Small 64 bones (for dogs 10 - 19lbs)

Bone-A-Mint Gravity Box Bone-A-Mint Gravity Box

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