FLINT RIVER RANCH Premium Dog Food!!
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Flint River Ranch would like to reaffirm that all of our formulas and ingredients are safe. We purchase all of our ingredients from major US suppliers, and our ingredients are subjected to USDA testing. Our lamb is from free-range ranchs located in New Zealand.

Flint River Ranch foods do NOT contain wheat gluten. Wheat is used in some formulas; however, that wheat is acquired from a USDA-certified provider. The wheat used in FRR formulas is safe, does not come from China, and is always tested and certified.

If you are still concerned about wheat in your pet's diet despite this information and would like to feed a wheat-free food, Flint River Ranch offers two excellent formulas that are 100% wheat-free. Lamb Meal, Millet & Rice (code LMR) and "Fish N' Chips" - Trout and Sweet Potato (code FNC) both offer fully balanced nutrition for dogs, and are available in 10 and 20 pound bags.

All-Natural Super Premium Pet Food...
-NO Chemical Preservatives
-NO By-Products or questionable Meat Derivatives
-NO Artificial Colors or Flavor Enhancers
-NO Corn, Soybean, Digest or other low quality Fillers
-Food Grade (human quality) ingredients
-Oven-Baked Kibbles, not by high temperature extrusion mass production.
-Concentrated High Protein formula - feed 20%- 40% less than other foods
-Highly digestible - you will notice less volume and odor in your pet's stool
-Highly palatable - naturally delicious without any sprayed-on flavor enhancers

As always, Flint River Ranch follows and exceeds guidelines as set forth by AAFCO - American Association of Feed Control Officials. Flint River Ranch foods are made using their own fixed formulas under Flint River Ranch direction in Southern California. They do not "piggy-back" onto lines of mass-produced foods.

Kibble For Puppies & Adult DogsKibble For Puppies & Adult DogsThe ultimate in premium nutrition.

Nugget Size For Larger DogsNugget Size For Larger DogsThe ultimate in premium nutrition.

Senior Kibble & Senior PlusSenior Kibble & Senior PlusWith Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate

Lamb - Millet - RiceLamb - Millet - RiceFor Food-Sensitive Dogs

Dry Water Super Premium Dog FoodDry Water Super Premium Dog FoodA Warm and Moist Meal for Dogs

Trout & Potato FormulaTrout & Potato FormulaFish & Chips

Flint River Ranch Cat FoodFlint River Ranch Cat FoodSuper Premium Cat & Kitten Food

Flint River Ranch Hairball RemedyFlint River Ranch Hairball RemedyHairball Management Formula

Flint River Ranch Bonita FlakesFlint River Ranch Bonita FlakesHealthy cat treat

LITE  Adult Cat FormulaLITE Adult Cat FormulaProvides older cats with great-tasting, complete and balanced nutrition


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