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Dogs and cats love the taste of this liver flavored nutritional supplement. Pet Botanics Skin & Coat Supplement increases the effectiveness of pet food with essential nutrients, at the same time, providing cats and dogs with healthy skin and vibrant coats. Omega 6 & 3 Fatty Acids, natural anti-oxidants, and grape seed fight free radicals. Pro-Biotics (beneficial bacteria) provide faster absorption of nutrients, very important for the short digestive tract of cats and dogs. Dehydrated vegetables supply vitamins and minerals. Just add Skin & Coat Supplement on top of your regular dog or cat food.

16 oz size (1 lb)

See the chart below for the proper dosage for your dog.

Dosage for Skin & Coat Supplement - Dogs
  • Dogs under 20 pounds - 1 Teaspoon/Day

  • Dogs 20-40 pounds - 2 Teaspoons/Day

  • Dogs 40-60 pounds - 3 Teaspoons/Day

  • Dogs 60-80 pounds - 4 Teaspoons/Day

  • Dogs 80-100 pounds - 5 Teaspoons/Day

  • Dogs over 100 pounds - 6 Teaspoons/Day

Dosage for Skin & Coat Supplement - Cats

Cats over 3 pounds - 1/2 to 1 Teaspoon

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Pet Botanics Skin & Coat Supplement 8ozPet Botanics Skin & Coat Supplement 8ozHalf pound size

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